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Crowbar HL2.png

Crowbars are weapons frequently used by characters in Gmod. BethanyFrye's favorite weapon is the crowbar. The crowbar she uses is just a key to getting to the ultimate crowbar.

Though most crowbars are red with a dark grey on each end, some designs are unique, such as a golden crowbar with Gertions name etched on it.

Bethany has used it in all four player maps as the "Crow Barer" in which any one of the crew ask Bethany to whack things with the crowbar.

Gertrude is the most infamous of the crowbar wielder, as the crowbar is her most frequently used weapon.

According to Captain Spaghetti Not only are there crowbar fighting styles, but their are some styles deemed dishonorable such as using the left side rather than the right. An infamous crowbar wielder by the name Jet jenkins once claimed that Gertrude's fighting style was improper and used only by noobs.

Crowbars seem to have some sort of supernatural property to them, as the are very effective against Paranormal entities, due to a crowbars rusty composition. Gertrude's crowbar is especially powerful, as it is capable of sending people to alternate dimensions. She has twice sent Papa Acachalla to the Dark Souls universe. He managed to return to his own dmension in time for the 4th July Special the first time, only to get returned to the Dark Souls universe after leaving his dirty underwear on the ceiling fan.

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