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Corporal Jimbob
Gender Male
Played by NPC
Status Deceased
Position/Rank Corporal in Starfleet
Nationality Unknown (presumed American)
Age Unknown (Presumed 20's-30's)
Group Starfleet
Weapon None
Debut Gmod Star Trek PHASER Mod! (Garry's Mod)

Corporal Jimbob was apart of Captain Maloney's Starfleet.


Jimbob lived on Earth in a small urban community and knew Captain Maloney. He possibly also knew Lieutenant Butthead. One afternoon whilst he was out walking, Maloney, together with an alternate Gertrude, approached him, asking for help finding her parents. Gertrude was terrified of humans and went on a brutal killing spree, killing Jimbob, Butthead and everyone else in the town.


Jimbob's model is almost identical to Billy's.

Jimbob, looking like Billy.