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Coolpallo was a Gmod Venturian Star Wars Character, a Jedi and the OTHER nemesis of Darth Easy-Bake Oven.

Biography Edit

In the second grade of school, she apparently took the lunch of Darth Calculus, sending him on a path to the Dark Side. She later told him "Your lunch was terrible", though she enjoyed the tuna sandwich.


Calculus discovered Coolpallo in the corridor and, after accusing her of setting him on the dark side, they force-jumped at each other and tried to scare each other. This did no good, and he challenged her to a lightsaber duel instead. She surprised him however by revealing that she had a double-bladed lightsaber (which she claims she stole from his brother, also a Sith Lord). He ran at her and was cut down instantly. Claiming he meant to do that, he declared "I am Coopallo, fight me!" and did it again, with the same results. She laughed at him, saying "That was easy." After the third time, he claimed she was cheating and got her to switch to another one whilst he had a revelation. She changed her lightsaber to a purple single-bladed model and this time they dueled on more even terms, though Calculus fell again. Taking a break from killing him whilst he got lost, she took a bathroom break; however, Calculus surprised her in the bathroom and killed her. After she respawned, he ran at her but she "accidentally" hit him with her saber. Jumping out of a vent with Yoda's lightsaber, Calculus revealed that he was actually part Jedi and she was truly the Sith. They dueled once again and despite landing a substantial blow to Calculus, Coolpallo fell to his blade. Her dying wish was that he "Train the boy". Calculus didn't get the reference, and Coolpallo bluffed it as "your cousin Jeffrey". Calculus replies that all his cousins died in the great war; so was there a survivor?

Coolpallo passed on and became one with the force, and Calculus promised on her deathbed to "train the boy" (though he got side-tracked by an "evil" mouse droid.)

Appearances Edit

  • Gmod FORCE AWAKENS LIGHTSABER Mod! (Garry's Mod)
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