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"Back when you stole my role... in the school play, I wanted to be 'The Rabbit that was Late' but you took the role from me, and instead I had to play Alice, I DON'T LOOK LIKE ALICE!!!"
―Papa Acachalla
Gender Female
Played by Cierra Frye (ImmortalKyodai)
Status Unknown
Position/Rank Arch-Nemesis of Papa Acachalla
Nationality Unknown
Age Unknown
Group Acachalla's school play, Papa Acachalla's enemies, Papa Acachalla's ex-wives
Weapon Magnum
Debut Gmod_FUN_WEAPONS_Pack_Mod!_(Garry's_Mod)

Cleopatra was the Arch-Nemesis of Papa Acachalla since 7th Grade, when she stole his role in the Alice in Wonderland Play but somehow ended up being his first wife. 


COD Mod[]

Booker DeWitt, Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds, Mr. Jones, a Japanese guy and Papa Acachalla (as well as some other Venturian characters)were sent in to take down Cleopatra and get Elizabeth from BioShock. Cleopatra had hired a German-Russian female villain, a cheerleader named Britney And Jedi Master Culpaldo (and some other ImmortalKyodai characters) to face them off.

Papa Acachalla fought Culpaldo and Britney. "Join the Dark Side. We have better weaponry." She suggested somewhere in between, e.g. the Shadows.

She (or a copy of her created by past Acachalla's mind) later appeared and got in the elevator during the elevator source portion of the VenturianTale 5th Anniversary livestream, where past Acachalla told everyone that she was his first wife and that Medusa was in fact his second wife.He seemed pretty freaked out to see her, possibly meaning she scares him.

Moments with Acachalla[]

  • Cleopatra stole Papa Acachalla's role in the school play.
  • They were once playing at the playground and Papa Acachalla thought they were in Trenches in Vietnam. Ironically they would both later fight in Vietnam.
  • Cleopatra replaced Papa's Toothpaste with Ketchup.
  • Papa Acachalla once mentioned that Cleopatra used to throw rocks at his face in retaliation for him flicking spitballs into her hair.
  • In the VenturianTale 5th Anniversary Livestream it was revealed that she was in fact Papa Acachalla's first wife instead of Medusa, who was actually his second wife.


When Acachalla saw a Headcrab in the warehouse in AcachallaTown and killed it, he said: "You had to be put down, Cleopatra".


  • Gmod FUN WEAPONS Pack Mod! (Garry's Mod)
  • Gmod HALO Spartan Weapons Mod! (Garry's Mod)
  • Gmod CALL OF DUTY Modern Warfare M9K Weapons Mod! (Garry's Mod)



  • One time Papa Acachalla mentions Cleopatra to give him the "girl," which is a reference to Bioshock Infinite, but the meaning of this in relation to Acachalla is currently unknown.
  • Even though Cleopatra is said to be Papa's Arch-Nemesis, it is said that Princeton Quagmire is Papa's Arch-Nemesis
  • it is unknown if this Cleopatra is the true Egyptian queen or just her name. A similar situation exists with Medusa.
  • Jack Jackens seems to be hunting her.