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Catherine Caster
The mother of Cywren Caster
Game Fallout 3
Race Human (Possibly Time Lord), African American
Gender Female
Age ?
Birthday ?
Position ?
Status Deceased
Weapon(s) ?
Played by ?
Debut ?

Catherine Caster is Cywren Caster's mother and the late wife of James Caster. Unfortunately she died while giving birth to Cywren, The first episode was her only appearance. She was a scientist who wanted to build a purifier to purify the waters of the Potomac River and bring clear fresh water to the wastes.


  •  Her favorite Bible passage is Revelation 21:6.
  • It is known through cut content that she was African American.
  • A lot of fans said that she is the sister of Moria Brown or James being the brother of Moria. But since she is African american and Moira Brown is Caucasian and ginger it would make more sense for it to be James Caster's sister.