"No one ever listens to a guy with a secret!"

Jimmy Casket is one of the many funny characters played by Jordan Frye, or more commonly known as Venturian. He appears mainly when playing the Gmod game "MURDER", in which there is a killer among a group of people who has to be stopped by the gunman. Jimmy was raised be beloved miss batman he is an immortal psychopath killer with a knife (his main weapon of choice, though is seen to be skillful will other weapons as necessary) and one of his common sayings he tells his victims before murdering them is the question "Do you want to know my secret?" He is so scary that he's previously scared a member of the Creepypasta crew, Jeff the Killer. He fears the Toilet Toucher, another of HoomlessGomba's characters, but there seems to be no particular reason why.


Jimmy Casket is one of two personalities; one, of Gregory, and the other Johnny Ghost. He can change based on what mood he's in, most likely to be Johnny Ghost at all times unless under special circumstance. (IE, if he's in serious danger, stressed, or displeased.) While Johnny Ghost is in control, he can (rarely successfully) stop himself from changing into Casket; however, in the Batman Horror Map video, Jimmy erases Johnny's memory of him, preventing him from stopping Casket. The secret that Jimmy recites is him telling his murder victim one of many things; that he is Johnny Ghost (least likely), that he is Gregory, that his mother was a man, or that he cannot read, All of which are presumably true.

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