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Deceased Characters;

Maxwell Acachala; No one knows how he died, but somehow, he might be related to Toilet Toucher, because he a strange thing with toilets.

Amie; A Strange Ghost that once appeared trying to steal money, and by somehow by fate, teamed up with Johnny Toast.

Johnny Toast/Ghost; At frequent times, it might seem like they are human, but in certain episodes, they possess objects and hide from "Prop Hunters" clearly stating that they are ghosts.

Toilet Toucher; Now, here, people will be confused, but he touches toilets, and vanishes, Ghost Like, Isn't it? Proving he is a Ghost.

Side Characters That Are Deceased;

Jose Jose Jose Jose; Not many people know how he died, some statements say he might still be alive.

Cardboard Friend; He died a tragic death of a microwave.

Jimmy Casket; We all know he is now currently dead, but he keeps possessing people who look like him, so he can fulfill his dream.

SuperPowerMagicBaby; Died at the party of the right click.

Doge; Killed by SuperPowerMagicBaby

Lil' Vent; Died a tragic death, Vahl wouldn't stop looking for him.

Jonas; Was killed in a Fallout Tale by Officer Mack.

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