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Not to be confused with: Officer Maloney.

Captain Maloney of the USS Who's Your Momma was in the Star Trek Phaser Weapon Mod! video.


Amnesia Mod[]

While not mentioned by name, a character similar to Maloney appears alongside Captain Moorr Taann in this video, defending the ship from Amnesia monsters.

Phaser Mod[]

Responding to a distress signal on a lava planet, Maloney rescues a Gingerian named Gertrude, who insists that he help find her family, forcing him to go on what he later described as "a wild juice chase" around the solar system, looking for clues to her parent's whereabouts. They first checked Gingeria, home planet of the Gingerians, where both of them were nearly killed several times within minutes of arrival. He left, vowing never to return to Gingeria. They then checked Earth, where she killed two of members of his Starfleet: Lt Butt Head, Corporal Jim Bob and an innocent human. they then followed an ion trail to two planets, where she found Mommy's puppy "Mommy". On the ice planet they found a teleportation device and It transpired as Gertrude revealed that she tricked him; she didn't have a family, there were no parents to chase, it was all a big joke and she was making him fly around the planets for nothing. The instant after she revealed this to him, his phaser malfunctioned, accidentally discharging and killing her, resulting in the Gingerians waging war on Humanity.


Captain Maloney is one of the main characters in Starbuggers.


  • He might have some relation and/or be the same person as Officer Maloney. If this is true then it is possible that he is of the Bird Race, which would explain his knowledge on using the Ion Stream for crossing planetary distances without the aid of spaceships. He would also be related to Gregory.Gregory and Sally Acachalla.
  • He considers himself to be the "best that Starfleet has to offer", often claiming to be the best pilot in the galaxy.
  • He is well versed in history, having extensive knowledge of the Ginger invasion of 1389.
  • To date, he is the only VenturianTale Star Trek Character who is not either dead or in immediate danger of dying at the end of the video. This is debateable however as it is stated that his actions inevitably lead to the Gingerians declaring war on Earth, a threat considered even greater than that of the Klingons and Romulans.
  • He is one of the only VenturianTale Gmod Star Trek characters to have a regular VenturianTale Gmod counterpart. The only other person is Captain Moorr Taann.