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Butch wearing a tunnel snake jacket.

Butch DeLoria is a 19 year old peer and bully of Cywren Caster living in Vault 101 in 2277. He was born on the year of 2258.


Cywren Caster[]

Cywren and her best friend Amata were bullied as young as ten to age nineteen by Butch and his gang known as the Tunnel Snakes. He tried to steal her roll which she got as a present off old Lady Palmer on her tenth birthday.He chased her around the room but Officer Gomez stopped him. When she was escaping from the Vault he asked her to save his mother, Ellen DeGloria, from Radroaches. Cywren, a kindhearted girl, did so. Butch apologized for all he and his friends had ever done to Amata and her. He gave her his Tunnel Snakes jacket and Cywren was forced to move on due to the Guards chasing her.

Amata Almodovar[]

He always picked on Amata and harassed her worse than others, mostly because she was the Overseer's daughter. This lead to Cywren also getting bullied for being Amata's bestfriend

Ellen DeLoria []

Even though his mother struggles with alcohol abuse, he still loves her deeply. He asked Cywren to save her from the Radroaches. 


  • He has a phobia of radroaches.
  • He runs a not-so-tough gang.
  • He owns a gang named The Tunnel Snakes.
  • He gave Cywren Caster a Tunnel Snake jacket for saving his mother.