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Bryan Wilks
Game Fallout 3
Race Human Caucasian
Gender Male
Age 8 as of A Fallout Tale
Birthday ?
Position Housemate of Cywren Caster
Status UKN
Weapon(s) ?
Played by Sean McCoy (Fallout 3 voice actor)
Debut LITTLE_HOMELESS_BOY!_-_Fallout_Tale_66

Bryan Wilks is a child who used to live in Graydich with his father. However, fire ants attacked the town, killing his father in the process. Bryan was unaware of this until Cywren Caster came into the town. Bryan asked her to find his dad which she agreed to. She found his dead body in their house. After the events Bryan asked her to kill all the ants in their nest down below in the metro. After she killed all the ants, she let Brian live inside of her home. Currently Bryan is staying at her home in Megaton. He has an aunt, Vera Weatherly, who owns the Weatherly hotel in Rivet City.