Batman appeared in the One million subscriber livestream, owning a Hotel. But, he was killed by Spencer's sister, Vanellope. After much fighting and bloodshed of trying to win back the hotel, Batman kills Vanellope and keeps her in a basement, acting like he went insane.

THE JOKER BABYSITS! Gmod Joker Player Model Mod Edit

Batman appeared in the Joker babysits mod, appearing to have three children that look like Mario,Luigi,and Peach in baby forms. He let the Joker babysit them, soon after coming back for Pizza.

The Bat Family! - Gmod Batman (Garry's Mod) Edit

Batman and His Bat Family hit the town and kept running into The Joker.

Batman Siblings Roleplay Edit

Batman gathers Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing in the dining room to find out who broke into the Bat-vault and stole his Bat-Twinkies. However this Batman turned out to be both The Joker and Spencer in disguise and was killed by Robin.

Gmod BATMAN V SUPERMAN MOD! (Garry's Mod)Edit

Batman and Superman try to kill eachother with several different weapons while saying random quotes from their respective movies.

FOXY VISTS TACO BELL!! - Gmod FOXY Mods (Garry's Mod)Edit

Batman later showed up at Foxy's Taco Bell where the gave him a bat sea to sit in (an upside down chair attached to the ceiling.) They later killed him for no reason.

FOXY VISITS THE FARM! (With Guns!) - Gmod Animatronic ModEdit

Batman shows up at Johnny Toast's house and is immediatley killed by a giant living bottle of Gamefuel Mountain Dew.


Multiple Batmen haunts the Acachallas. 

Personality and attributes Edit

Batman is very arrogant and enthaustic about his job, often thinking he will complete tasks for the sole reason that "hes Batman". While he sometimes acts immature and idiotic, he often makes intelligent notes during his detective work. 

Batman is trained in martial arts, and can knock out a gang of thugs in seconds. He can easily break the bones of the average thug, and silently blood chokes thugs in Predator maps. 


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  • In L4D BATMAN & ROBIN Mod! (Left 4 Dead), Batman says he pays Robin (Tim/Floober Drake) two dollars an hour until he got a raise to five dollars an hour.
  • He usually wears his Arkham outfit, or his Dark Knight outfit. 
  • When Bruce was young, his parents were murdered. Leading him into the path of becoming the Dark Knight.
  • his sons Dick Drayson, Jason Todd, Tim/Floober Drake, Damian Wayne and Baby Luigi have all been his sidekick including Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain.
    • Baby Mario and Baby Princess Peach are the only ones out of all of Batman's children, who have not been his sidekick.
  • He has allowed both Barbara Gordon and Baby Princess Peach to take over the mantle of Batman.
  • In the one million subscriber livestream, Batman could come Back From The Dead.
  • He has three children that look like Baby Luigi, Mario, and Princess Peach.
  • He once let The Joker babysit his children.
  • He has adopted Barbara Gordon as a Daughter.
  • He appeared in the HAPPY THANKSGIVING! The VenturianTale Thanksgiving Special (Garry Mod)
  • His mother owned a cobweb, that currently resides in Wayne Manor.

    Martha Wayne's web

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