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"Oh no, not you!"
Jordan Frye

Britney was a cheerleader played by Cierra Frye who made irregular appearances in videos. She went to the same school as Brad Lightning.


Flare Gun Mod[]

She stole a Flare Gun from a homicidal superhero called "The Bird" and The Bird tried to explode her head with his bird call but she was too stupid and killed him.

COD Mod[]

She was part of Cleopatra's forces who fought Papa Acachalla.


By this time she was married to a man who may or may not be Gordon Frohman from the webcomic Concerned and living in a house when they called in Johnny Ghost to investigate Cardboard Friend, who had been annoying them for several weeks. She told her husband not to be mean to Johnny and said his commercial was very good despite her husband's insistence that it was "terrible" and "cost like fifty dollars".


She is excessively chatty to the extreme and can talk endlessly about subjects with little or no relevance to the current situation for long periods.


  • Gmod Call of Duty Weapons Mod
  • Gmod Flare Gun Mod
  • ♪ I'M A BIRD SONG! | Gmod SQUIRT GUN Weapon Mod! (Garry's Mod)
  • Gmod HALO Spartan Weapons Mod! (Garry's Mod)
  • Gmod Counter Strike Knife Mod
  • HAUNTED BY CARDBOARD FRIEND! Gmod Cardboard Friend Mod (Garry's Mod)