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Bon Bon
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Vital statistics
Position Baby boy
Age Around 1 year old
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height about 5 ft tall
Weight Unknown
Family Unknown

Bon Bon is a living human-sized wooden baby doll, and a recurring character in the Garry's Mod series. He is played by ImmortalKyodai.


Bon Bon is initially considered "sweet" as a baby, however, his actions and his unusual appearance terrify his mother, Charlie. Like human babies, Bon Bon cries whenever things do not go his way. As a teenager, he unwittingly manipulates his mother's fear of him. Bon Bon is much more quiet and reserved as a teenager, although he still has to rely on his parents for almost everything.


Papa Acachalla[]

Bonbon once stayed at Papa Acachalla's house, eventually murdering someone.

Charlie Charlie Chase Butt Face[]

Charlie is Bon Bon's mother. She is terrified of Bon Bon and she is not too sure how to treat her son.

Johnny Ghost[]

Johnny Ghost first found Bon Bon floating in a train. He fell down and Johnny Ghost was absolutely terrified by it. Later, Johnny Ghost brings Johnny Toast on an investigation of "The Legend of Bon Bon."

Maddie Friend[]

Maddie is BonBon's babysitter.


Gmod Funny BABY Mod! (Garry's Mod)-1


  • Jimmy Neutron was turned into Bonbon.
  • Bon Bon found a radioactive rock and got superpowers.
  • Bon Bon has a crush on Maddie.
  • Sometimes he can speak perfect English, and other times he spurts out gibberish.
  • There is a curse that turns those affected into a super powered Bon Bon.


  • "Bu Bu Baby."
  • "Baby Hungry! Baby Hungry! Baby Hungry!"
  • "Baby Poop!"
  • "Yum num num num.. nuuuum Yummy."
  • "I made a big poopie....."
  • "MAMA!"
  • "Dah dahdudah dudah!"
  • "Baby want Gerber!"
  • "Poo-poo!"
  • "Mama... stinky!"
  • "Momma!"