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Bobo The bear.jpg
Gender Male
Played by N/A
Status Unknown
Position/Rank Sally's pet
Nationality Bear
Age Infant
Group Acachalla Family, Sally's Pets
Weapon N/A
Debut Gmod_BEAR_NPC_Mod!_(Garry's_Mod)

Bobo is a bear. He was one of Sally's many pets. Presumably very early on in his life, he acquired a strange ailment that made his behind huge and his skin an odd colour. Eventually Bobo's father (BoBO)came to the Acachalla's home to both reclaim him and kill everyone else there. He was soon engaged in combat with Freddie, and despite his larger size the dinosaur easily disposed of him.

According to Papa Acachalla, Billy Acachalla cured Bobo from his strange ailment, but Billy didn't know what he did.  Bobo's father was thrown into the Acachalla shed somewhere around when the NPC Bear mod video was halfway finished. Papa Acachalla blocked the exit off with a couch which later mysteriously burst into flames.

Bobo's mother and BoBO's wife Bobo mother was killed by papa acachala before they found Bobo.