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A Black Hole Device is characterized as any device that has enough thrusters attached to it to make it gyrate rapidly, generating enough G-force to create a singularity in space-time, essentially creating a black hole.

The Zachary BHD[]

Zachary the Great, disguised as the father of Sally, travelled to an unnamed planet with a diamond core using NASA equipment, planning to use a BHD to remove everything, except the diamond core (as diamonds are immune to black holes) of the planet and return to Earth a rich man. The machine was destroyed after Sally killed Zachary with a waffle gun.

The Zachary Black Hole Device. Sally Acachalla is in the seat.

A Gingeria Arctic Snowmobile accidentally converted into a Black Hole Device.

The Snowmobile BHD[]

Mr. Johnson, in an attempt to correct a fault in his snowmobile, attached a faulty thruster which caused it to spin out of control. Johnson, predicting that it would destroy the world in a matter of hours, tried to catch it, without success, before trying to redeem himself by sending his wife Margaret to Earth, where she would become known as Gertrude.

The SCars ATV BHD[]

A scientist used Margaret's sister Annie as a test pilot for his latest invention - an ATV with hoverballs and thrusters attached. The device, when activated, flies off into the atmosphere and spins out of control. Margaret then kills the scientist.

An ATV, ridden by Margaret Johnson's sister Annie Thatchery, accidentally converted into a Black Hole Device.