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"I don't care about you, I'm a bird."
―The Bird
Gender unknown
Played by Cierra Frye/Jordan Frye
Status Doesn't Care, you'll never catch him.
Position/Rank Bird
Nationality Bird
Age unknown
Group Bird
Weapon Bird
Debut Squirt Gun Mod

The Bird is a bird that first appeared in the Squirt Gun mod, and has appeared frequently on random occasions ever since. The Bird can appear as any bird, but most commonly as a small crow. It is known for the song it sings when in trouble, or generally whenever it makes an entrance, Cause I'm a Bird.



The Bird, now a superhero, avenged the death of a young man attacked by a policeman with Parkinson's by forcing him to jump in the river. He then got him to turn on the flare as he couldn't do it himself without opposable thumbs. The cop died. A cheerleader named Britney stole his flare and the Bird tried to explode her head with his bird call but she was too stupid for it to work and she killed him.


Bird on a shirt

As he is famous for, the Bird does not care. He has an extreme disinterest in everything and can rarely find something that intrigues him for more than a minute. Billy even once nearly turned into a bird and did not care about Papa Acachalla, a man billy constantly obsesses over. There inability to care even represses any sense of danger or sympathy for themselves or loved ones.

The bird known as Mark, cared a good deal about many things. This rare trait was looked down upon by Mark's peers, even coming to the conclusion that Mark is more dog than bird.



Officer Maloney[]

A law-breaking teenager that Officer Maloney was chasing down transformed into the Bird in the first appearance of the Bird. He has the ability to confuse Officer Maloney to the point of shock, not being able to move.

Officer Maloney also has the ability to transform into a bird at will.

Johnny Ghost[]

Johnny Ghost has a serious case of ornithophobia, the fear of birds. When Johnny first saw the Bird, he froze in terror and hid.

Jimmy Casket[]

Jimmy Casket loathes the Bird. He would actively try to kill the bird, disliking it to the extent of his counterpart, Johnny Ghost, although he expresses it in quite a different manner.

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  • This bird is iconic on VenturianTale, if not THE most iconic.
  • The Bird can be any type of bird.
  • The Bird does not care for anything.
  • The Bird is also a superhero with a deadly bird call.