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“Billy bob to the rescue!” His last words

Billy Bob
Gender Male
Played by Jordan Frye (Venturian)
Status Deceased
Position/Rank ?
Nationality ?
Age Unknown
Weapon 44mm Pistol
Debut Gmod SCars Vehicle Mod!

Billy Bob is a minor character that appeared in the video "Gmod SCars Vehicle Mod!". 


Gmod SCars Vehicle Mod!


Not much is known about his life. He was apparently a member of the LAPDSVQ2WACDVD, an unknown branch of Police officers that protect Tinyville

The Miss Margaret Incident[]

During a patrol, an officer noticed the car of Miss Margaret. He attempted to arrest her for driving a green car on a day other than St. Patricks day. Miss Margaret's car crashed into the water, causing the officer to go and save her by pushing the car out. However, Miss Margaret drove away and the chase continued. After crashing through an office building, the officer was shot and killed by Miss Margaret. Billy Bob then arrived on the scene in a Camper Van and stopped her by pushing her car into a lake, while singing joyfully and sadistically, Miss Margaret drowned, and the officer was given a funeral, but it was only attended by a monkey.                                                       


Billy Bob was a happy person, but also slightly sadistic, as shown with him singing happily while pushing Miss Margaret to her death at the bottom of a lake. 


Gmod SCars Vehicle Mod!