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President Chicken
Gender Male
Played by HomelessGoomba
Status Alive
Position/Rank President (Former Vice President)
Nationality American/13th dimenson dweller
Age Unknown
Group N/A
Weapon None
Debut NOT_FIVE_NIGHTS_AT_FREDDY'S!_-_Gmod_Horror_Map_(Garry's_Mod)
"Why did the chicken scare the monster? Because he could."
―President Chicken

The Bildshnipe, also known as the bilgesnipe, President Chicken, and "the chicken" is a creature in Norse Mythology that appeared in some videos. He explores a haunted house along with the acachalla family. During so he is appointed president due to the fact that he was vice president of the United States and his brother (the president) was killed so he somehow took over his role. During, "CRAZY FUN PILLS IN HIGHSCHOOL!" he shows to have the power to turn into a Demon at will which takes the appearance of a giant chicken with antlers. During the 2014 Thanksgiving special, possibly due to the random nature of the 13th dimension, he appeared in demon form (reffered to as a Bill Shnipe) and attacked Officer Maloney who killed him shortly after when he changed back to normal form. This could possibly be because the the 13th dimension was his dimesion of origin although it doesn't explain why he appeared hostile to Officer Maloney.

In "NOT FIVE NIGHTS FREDDY'S!" he was shown to be rather brave although annoying as he would always be the first to enter dark and creepy rooms that even Papa Acachalla hesitated to enter.

In the 2014 thanksgiving special, he appears out of the portal and confronts Officer Maloney who kills him seconds later.

The Chicken is also in "FIVE NIGHT AT FREDDY'S PILL PACK" video, but he did not have his name yet, he is also the only one who is seen to have the ability to defeat the five nights at Freddy's transformations, which he does by saying "why'd the chicken scare the monster, because he could" -- president chicken.