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All of Big Town

Big Town is the second populated town Cywren Caster and Vent came to, the first time there they performed surgery on, the recently added follower to their group, Timebomb who was shot by Super Mutants.

Recently Cywren had to go on a quest to save the nurse Red and a man called Shorty who died just outside the town fighting a raider.

Big townn.jpg

After getting back Red told Cywren that the Super Mutants will be back so Cywren suggested to repair the robots to help fight so she rebuilt two old robots called Sentry Bot and Protection, not Robot Buddy, and Quasar and together they defended big town until Sentry Bot stepped on a mine causing them to attack and kill Cywren but after she respawned she put the mines further up the bridge after she put them down the Super Mutants started dying but some attack a Traveling Merchant and killed one but the other survived and killed the Mutant.

At the end of the battle Cywren recruited Timebomb, thus he became the first human follower. They now go on to continue more quests and set for the adventure.


Ariel view of big town

Most people living in Big Town were born in Little Lamplight and they travel to Big Town at age 16. 

RN stands for real name.

  • Timebomb (Before joining Cywren) (Formerly)
  • Red
  • Bittercup
  • Two Big Town Guard Robots programmed by Cywren
  • Shorty (deceased)
  • Dusty (deceased)
  • Flash
  • Kimba
  • Sticky (RN:Jack) (escorted there by Cywren)
  • Papa