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Bethany Renae Frye, known more commonly as BethanyFrye or Flying Pings, is one of the VenturianTale members. She is a very experienced artist, as she posts many tutorials and speed-drawing videos on her channel. She also has an account on deviantART. Bethany has drawn all of the pictures of her and her siblings seen in the Gmod video intro, and loves the crowbar.


To see the videos that Bethany Frye has appeared in, click here.


Bethany didn't have a username when she joined VenturianTale, but before, her username was Bethy218. Her original YouTube username was xXBethanyFyeXx and Bethy218, which have since become inactive.

Bethany now has a new channel called Flying Pings, which she created in June 2017. Upon its creation, Venturian has began to call her by this name in newer videos.


In Gmod she plays the main role (in meaning of main characters such as Papa Acachalla, Sally or Billy) of Gertrude. In addition, she also roleplays a side character psycho-fan of Billy Acachalla, Maddie Friend. In the Space Adventure map, she roleplayed an native of Gingeria, who accompanied Venturian during his space adventures. She takes ginger jokes as an insult.

Personal life[]

On November 2, 2018, Bethany made a post on Instagram saying that Thannatorn Gut Charoenpanitkul, aka Gutiotyu or Gut, is her fiancé. She since broke up with Gut and later announced she had started another relationship.

Departure from VenturianTale[]

In a video Bethany released on June 19, 2021 titled "The Truth About VenturianTale", she details how she was raised in a household that was hard conservative Christian. She says how she and her siblings (Jordan, Cierra, and Isaac) weren't allowed to make any friends outside of themselves, and that women were treated as lower than men. She also stated that any disagreements of these ideals would basically mean that their parents would 'disown' them and their siblings would be forced to stop contact with them. This is what happened to Cierra and Bethany, which is why they no longer appear in VenturianTale videos. Since her departure, she has solely focused on the Flying Pings channel.


  • She has two personal YouTube channels called xXBethanyFryeXx (old account) and Flying Pings (current account).
    • Bethany also has another channel called bethy218 or Circus Freak Is A Complement, although she hasn't been active for three years.
  • She created all the pictures of her siblings and herself (they can be seen in every Gmod intro and on their YouTube channel background).
  • Her favorite game is Kingdom Hearts.
  • She was born on February 18, 1996.
  • She is the 3rd oldest and 2nd youngest among the four.
  • She is in love with crowbars; her crowbar is made of solid gold and has silk case. She loves them like nachos.
  • She is very committed to God as shown at her channel where the "About" link is (which has since been removed).
  • As of the NEW HOUSE TOUR! Moving Vlog video, her hair is coloured blonde. This was a wig.