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Bethany Dalek is a Dalek in the Doctor Who 50th Aniversery video, she wields a crowbar just like Gertrude. She also has a sister named Cierra Dalek. She made another appearance in the Left 4 Dead Doctor Who Mod, this time without her sister. It was then revealed Bethany Dalek created ALL Cyberman, making her the "mommy" of all of them.


Doctor Who 50th Anniversary[]

Bethany and Cierra Dalek volunteered themselves as companions to the TARDIS crew, along with Spencer and British Billy. When Spencer tried to take over the TARDIS with the help of the Daleks, Billy points out that he's not British. Bethany concurs and they exterminate him. The Daleks then chase Billy around the TARDIS until Papa Acachalla kills Cierra Dalek. Billy then calls Sally in to help them get Freddie out of the bathtub and she kills Bethany Dalek


  • She is also the mother of Zoey from Left 4 Dead as well.
  • She is as skilled with a crowbar as Gertrude is.
  • She is mother of all Cybermen.


  • "Sorry but you're not British."