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Gender Male
Played by NPC
Status Alive
Position/Rank Bodyguard
Nationality Redguard
Age 28
Group Asylum Weaver's company
Weapon Bauru's Akaviri katana
Debut THE ADVENTURE BEGINS! - An Oblivion Tale Ep. 1

Bauras was an Imperial member of the Blades and a bodyguard of Emperor Uriel Septim, serving alongside Captain Renault and Glenroy. He helped guide the former prisoner Asylum Weaver, after some distrust, to Jauffre, an old friend of Septim.


Escorting the Emperor[]

Bauras was a resident of Cyrodiil, in the land of Tamriel. He was recruited into the Blades to protect the emperor, Uriel Septim, under command of Captain Renault. He served with fellow guard Glenroy, and when Septim realized that he must soon die, the four went into a secret passage in the sewers to go to Septim's final resting place.

The four entered a cell that was supposed to be off-limits, although prisoner Asylum Weaver, a pirate, was being held there. With reluctance from the three guards, Septim had Asylum come with them on their journey. Shortly after entering the sewers, Renault was killed by a trio of assassins who ambushed the group.

Asylum took Renault's armor and joined the group in their mission to protect Emperor Septim. As they continued on, the group faced off against several rats, assassins, and zombies, although they all made it out alive.

When the group entered a small alcove, Glenroy and Bauras heard some movements up ahead and left Asylum to guard Septim while they scouted ahead. While the two guards were gone, Septim gave Asylum the Amulet of Kings to give to Jauffre, who knew of his only remaining heir. Suddenly, from a hidden passage, an assassin sprang out and murdered the emperor.

In a battle with several foes, Glenroy was struck down and killed. Bauras was able to finish off his enemies and return, only to find Septim dead. After saying that he had failed in his mission to protect Septim, Bauras realized that the Amulet was gone. Asylum told Bauras that he had the Amulet, and that he needed to give it to Jauffre, who knew of Septim's secret son. Bauras told Asylum where to go to find Jauffre, realizing that since Septim trusted the pirate, he should too.