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Not to be confused with: the Half-Life 2 monster, known in VenturianTale lore as a "spitthingy".

"He's not infected, he's just stupid."
―Barnacle on Johnny Ghost

Barnacle The Betrayer is Johnny Ghost's unofficial name for a person who appears to be the sole surviving resident of Hell's Island, who was suggested to be Johnny Toast's sister by Johnny Ghost. She always calls Johnny Ghost "Gregory" and refuses to tell Ghost her name. She implies that they have known each other for a long time. She has stated she has "a father...who went insane...and a brother", and yet supposedly she was "never alive".


After Johnny Ghost escaped from the Dream Zone, Toast tracked him as he floated through space and re-entered Earth's atmosphere, crashing down on Hell's Island, Germany. There they were met by a female police officer wearing a full SWAT team suit and gas mask who told them that the area was not safe and they needed to evacuate immediately. She told the two that the island was deserted following an unspecified infection which she suspected Ghost was infected with.


In Hell's Island Part 1, she wore a full SWAT team suit and gas mask. By part 2, She had gotten rid these and had the appearance of a badly decayed corpse, though she claimed it was a body suit. Johnny insults her appearance several times before referring to her looking like "the back end of a barnacle boat", hence the name Barnacle.


Her personality Is confident, independent, and sarcastic. Holding onto a lot of secrets, Barnacle likes to use hints and implications when answering people rather than giving the full truth.


Theories on identity[]

  • She may be Fred 'Spooker' Soup's sister and the daughter of Chef Chakalata Soup. Her father looks like Chakalata Soup, meaning if he is then Fred Spooker is her brother and Darth Calculus is her grandfather.
  • It is possible that she was one of Gregory's friends such as Cardboard Friend in a different form, or perhaps even Katrina.
  • It's suggested during the course of the episodes that she may be the sister of either Johnny Ghost or Johnny Toast.