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"Good thing we can come back from the dead, we [indistinct] dead a lot."

Back from the Dead is a VenturianTale saying created by Venturian and HomelessGoomba. It is probably one of their most popular quotes. This phrase is most commonly stated when someone respawns or comes "back from the dead". How or why this process of spontaneous revival happens has never been explained or even looked into by any who experience it, but Gregory.Gregory claims to know the reason why.

Though used by nearly all Gmod characters, the Acachalla family seems to use this power the most, using it to achieve everyday goals. It has even been revealed that Billy is the reason the Acachallas have this ability. as he can reverse time and revive people before death. However, this seems to be only a guess on the Acachalla's part, as some have come back from the dead in Billy's complete absence and even Billy himself admits he doesn't really do anything that would cause someone to return from death. However, Johnny Ghost has often "justified" his coming back from the dead by saying something similar to "Billy's around here somewhere because I just came back from the dead"

Some also just respawn.

There seem to be some kinds of limits on how many times and a person can come back from the dead, with some people having to wait longer to do it (staying dead for a while), others running out completely and staying dead permanently. It is also revealed that the more you die, the easier dying gets. 

Eventually, the Grim Reaper himself attempted to talk Billy out of bringing himself and others back from death, only to realize he can't stop it. After performing several tests involving Billy dying and returning, the Grim Reaper found himself being killed by Billy to see if he could come back from the dead. And contrary to what the Reaper stated, he remained dead, with the Grim Reapers soul collected, the Acachallas might have effectively stopped death from ever occurring, at least for a large amount of time as others can replace death such as Goofy. 

The Acachallas are also immortal because Sally owns the Underworld. 

Recently it was shown that PIE, or at least Colon, can make people come back from the dead if they use a spell. 

Known Causes[]

  • Epicness
  • Ancient bird temples
  • Time reversal
  • Magic potion
  • Being a bird
  • Keeping your soul from going to the underworld
  • Alien technology
  • Paying the Grim Reaper a token

Full Saying/song[]

"Don't you just love being BACK FROM THE DEAD!?!?"
―Venturian and HomelessGoomba