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Augustus Autumn
Colonel Augustus Autumn.jpg
Game Fallout 3
Race ?
Gender Male
Age 55
Birthday ?
Position ?
Status ?
Weapon(s) Laser pistol
Played by ?
Debut ?

Colonel Augustus Autumn is the main antagonist of Fallout 3 and the military leader of the Enclave. He made his first appearances in Ep. 26 "NOOO!!!". Autumn indirectly caused James Caster's death as he tried to take control of Project Purity and James flooded the room with radiation so he couldn't. He then preceded to capture Cywren Caster so he can get the code to activated the Purifier for the Enclave's own ends. However, Cywren convinced him to give up. This is probably because he is responsible for her father sacrificing his life to protect Cywren and Project Purity. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, though it can be assumed he broke off from the Enclave (or rejoined with them later).



The Waters of Life[]

After declaring that Project Purity was now under control of the Enclave, James flooded the room with radiation, Autumn injecting a mysterious substance into his arm that saves him from the radiation. 


Do to his lack of appearances not much is known about him. He is shown to be arrogant. Autumn also does not see eye to eye with his president, John Henry Eden. He can be reasoned with though it is hard to do. The Colonel also says he cares about the American people. He does not trust Cywren as she is his enemy.


  • He is the only Enclave member the Cywren let live despite being the person responsible for her fathers death. This is probably because she didn't want to sink to his level, or a sense of mercy. 
  • It is possible that he is part of the reason that Cywren left D.C and why Quasar and Sarah are missing. His motive being humiliation that his men were constantly being defeated by Cywren and her friends.