A company of adventurers led by Asylum Weaver, a pirate, operated during the reign of Emperor Martin Septim in Tamriel. The company was started when Sari, an Orc, began to follow Asylum, who reluctantly took her as a companion. Later, the same thing happened with another adventurer, Mimi, and her twin sister, Lena. Asylum's identical twin came after Jordan created him using console commands and he temporarily followed Asylum around. Jayred Ice-Veins joined when Asylum went to the shivering isles and wanted him so badly he made Jayred  (or Jerrey as Asylum likes to call him) a follower. After Asylum found a dead troll he resurrected him and made him his follower and the trolls name was Kajsa. Like Sari,Lena, and Mimi Ushnar's skinned hound just wouldn't stop following Asylum around so he became a follower.

Members Edit