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Jim Archer is an agent of Splinter Cell played by Isaac Frye.

Gender Male
Played by Isaac Frye
Status ?
Position/Rank ?
Nationality ?
Age ?
Group ?
Weapon ?
Debut Gmod_Sam_Fisher_SPLINTER_CELL_Archer_and_Kestrel_Mod!_(Garry's_Mod) & Gmod_SCARY_HORROR_Puzzle_Adventure_Map!_(Garry's_Mod)

Gmod Sam Fisher SPLINTER CELL Archer and Kestrel Mod! (Garry's Mod)[]

Sam and Archer made their way through a deserted factory, avoiding all light (including the sun) in order to save Kestrel. They eventually succeed in reaching him on the roof but Archer accidentally pushes Kestrel off and seemingly kills him.

Gmod SCARY HORROR Puzzle Adventure Map! (Garry's Mod)[]

Archer and and a not-dead Kestrel find themselves trapped in a gmod horror map and try to escape by finding two keys - the blue key and the red key. Archer panics the entire time despite claiming to be a manly man.