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An Oblivion Tale 'is the seventh Tale series, where Jordan plays The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It was released on April 12, 2016 and follows the story of Asylum Weaver, a new male protagonist. It ran up to 118 episodes, with the finale on 11/19/16. Beginning on December 10, 2016, it was succeeded by An Elder Scrolls Online Tale.

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Asylum's adventurers[]

Starting in the underground area of the Imperial City. Asylum continued on to be a great adventurer in the land of Tamriel.

Behind the scenes[]

An Oblivion Tale was first mentioned in the *IMPORTANT* TALE SERIES UPDATE video released in 2015. The series was announced to be following after the shorter A Mini Minecraft Tale series, both of which will feature Jordan Frye as the game's player.

In I BROKE IT!! - Mini Minecraft Tale Ep. 31, Jordan announced that the lead character would be male, a major divergence from his previous Tale series. And, as of THE END FINALE! - Mini Minecraft/Dark Souls 40, Jordan reveals that he has a modded copy of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion ready for recording, and all he has to do is write and create the series' music.

In the final episode of the Let's Play of Portal, Jordan announced that he was going to play one final, shorter game, Undertale, starting on February 23, and once it was over, he would start An Oblivion Tale. Undertale was completed on March 22 of 2016, and Jordan announced that a new update video would be released soon to reveal more about Oblivion Tale's release date and more.

On April 4, Jordan revealed more information in *IMPORTANT* An Oblivion Tale Update, such as the main character, Asylum Weaver, with images and a name reveal. The theme song was also shown alongside the intro at the end of the update. On April 12, the series premiered with THE ADVENTURE BEGINS!

After September 1, 2016, the series was on a brief hiatus due to multiple game crashes that occurred. This was most likely due to the mods Jordan installed. The series resumed on September 15, 2016 before the finale on November 19, 2016.