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Amata Almodovar
Game Fallout 3
Race Human, Hispanic
Gender Female
Age 21
Birthday September 26, 2258
Position ?
Status ?
Weapon(s) 10mm Pistol
Played by ?
Debut THE_ADVENTURE_BEGINS!_-_Fallout_Tale_Ep._1

Amata Almodovar is a character who appears in A Fallout Tale. She has been best friends with Cywren since they were one year old. She helped Cywren escape from Vault 101.


Amata is kind and willing to do anything for her friends. She is loyal, even if she is a bit weak.


Alphonse Almodavar[]

Her father is the Overseer of the Vault. Because of this she often gets bullied by the Tunnel snakes. She loves her father but does think he is to serious, cold and bitter. He is very protective of her and believes what he does is for the best

Cywren Caster[]

Cywren and Amata were friends ever since they first met when they were babies. Cywren sometimes has to help Amata out of sticky situations, like when she was being harassed by the Tunnel Snakes, but Cywren doesn't mind.

Butch DeLoria[]

Cywren and Amata were bullied by Butch and his gang who call themselves "The tunnel snakes."