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Alberto Guppy
Gender Male
Played by Bethany Frye
Status Alive
Position/Rank PIE Intern
Nationality Hispanic-American
Age ?
Group Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire, Genetic Experiments
Weapon none

Alberto Guppy was a homeless man and a new Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire intern who turned out to be a genetic experiment created by his unknown parents. Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast initially thought he was crazy for thinking he was a fish.

He may be able to breathe underwater.


The Wyoming Werewolf[]

Alberto first met Ghost when he was homeless and tried to live in a fish tank, Ghost took pity on him and gave him a job as an intern. He was taken on the investigation of werewolf sightings in Wyoming where he met Toast for the first time. They kept trying to convince him he wasn't a fish but eventually gave up and just rolled with it. Alberto turned out to be integral to the investigation by finding the secret door they needed to go through to get further along. They eventually found the secret lab owned by Alberto's parents and it looked as if that is where the werewolf escaped from. It turned out that both Alberto and the werewolf turned out to actually be genetic experiments created by his parents, the werewolf actually being his sister. It is unknown how Alberto escaped the werewolf attack or how he lost his memory of being an experiment.


Johnny Ghost[]

Johnny took pity on Alberto when he found him homeless and gave him a job. He also tried to help convince him that he wasn't a fish.

Johnny Toast[]

Alberto and Toast don't know each other well but Toast seems to find him annoying.


Alberto doesn't know who his parents are and just recently found out he was a genetic experiment created by them.

The Werewolf[]

He hasn't met the werewolf and doesn't remember how he escaped from her. He recently found out she was his sister as well as a genetic experiment that was also created by his parents.


Alberto mentioned at one point that when he thought he was fish he was owned by a girl named Amelia as a pet. It is possible that she is his sister/the werewolf's human form, but not confirmed.


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