"Hey, you're a relation of mine! You've gotta pay the family fee of $15.45!"
―Papa Acachalla
There are a lot of members of the Acachalla Family. In the FUNNY CUTE PUPPY Mod Video, it is mentioned by Gertrude that They are all Timelords.

Real Acachallas: Papa Acachalla, Maxwell Acachalla, Grandpa Susan Acachalla, Jeremy Acachalla and Minichalla it is also said in the crazy funny lizard video that when a real Acachalla is close to death he is surrounded by yellow mascots and a Donald Trump.

Dating A Member Of The Acachallas: Teenage Slender Man

Adopted: Sue Acachalla, Billy Acachalla, Sally Acachalla and Spencer. an alien and Garbage Can Acachalla may have also been adopted.

Adopted Then Disowned: Chump Kazooie And Gertrudes Bananasaurus!

Pets: Freddie, Freddio, Hurricane The Turtle, Princess and Margaret Johnson's headcrab cats.

Married Into The Acachallas: Gramama Acachalla and Gertrude

Smigglebugs: John SmigglebugBilly and Yakface

Caskets/Ghosts: Johnny Ghost/Jimmy Casket, Cardboard Friend, Ernie Ghost(who is a future form of billy) and Tommy Casket

Jessica's side: Sally Betty Jessica, Teenage Rake, Sally Acachalla and Susan Rake Jessica

Spencer's Side: Lights Zeron, Spencer's Father, Vanellope von Schweetz, Spencerina and Spencer

Gertrude/Margaret Johnson/Thatchery's Side: Gertrude/Margaret Johnson, Margaret Johnson's Uncle, Mr. Johnson, Gertrude (Phaser Mod), Sister Gertrude, Annie Thatchery, Maddie Friend, The Gertion Mafia, TomTom, Chef Chakalata Soup, Apupu Soup, Fred Spooker, Barnacle, Goober, Uncle Booga and Gingerians

Alternate Universe Aacachalla Famillies: Alternate Acachalla Family, The Normalchallas, The Emochalla Siblings

Unknown: Jose Jose Jose JoseGregory.Gregory, Uncle Wilbert, Uncle Charlie, Britney, Nadachalla,Hotel bus boy.