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The Acachalla family Roleplay by far the largest, and most popular of Venturiantale's roleplays. This Roleplay is used for Gmod, and has also been mentioned in their L4D and Minecraft videos. It has thus far been the longest running and reoccurring roleplay on VenturianTale.

Main Characters[]

13th Dimension Family Characters[]

  • Jack Links (Papa Acachalla)
  • Susie Gumball (Gertrude)
  • Mary (Billy)
  • The Sister (MAYBE Sally)
  • The Gnome/Sink Supplies/Grampa (MAYBE Grandpapa "Susan" Acachalla "From The Gmod FUNNY 300 Spartan Baby Mod Video")
  • Grandma Links (MAYBE Gramama Acachalla "From The Gmod DESPICABLE ME Gauntlet Survival Co op Map! Video And The PAPA ACACHALLA IS MISSING! - Gmod Funny Siblings Roleplay Video")
  • Ruff Mumms (Deceased Pet Bird, Possibly Freddie)
  • Toiletries (Deceased Pet Bird, Possibly Freddio)

Other Characters[]

If we missed anybody be sure to add them in this list!