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The Acachalla Family House is where the Acachalla family lived


until Higgilydiggilyhoogan temporarily forced them to move into Officer Maloney's house. It isn't a normal house because crazy things happen every single day. Even after its temporary abandonment, many characters often visit it for various reasons.

It seems that the Acachallas have moved back in since then, though Spencer no longer lives there. 

The mod for the house map is here


  • Kitchen - The room where most events go down. It's where


    Gertrude cooks. Contains a microwave/portal to another dimension. Also contains a stove that makes a grunting noise when being touched. 
  • Workout Room - Where the Acachalla family exercise, has weights.
  • Sally's Treehouse - Sally's Treehouse is where Sally has her club, Papa Acachalla said that he would install a laundry room in it for Sally's Birthday, but that didn't happen.
  • Sally's Bedroom - Sally's room where she sleeps and possibly keeps a secret stash of waffles. It's decorated with a Hello Kitty bed and ceiling wallpaper, a doll house, white furniture, original My Little Pony posters, her toys, and a few mouse traps, it is also where she shrunk down Papa Acachalla, Gertrude, and their friends when they refused to play tea party with her. It is filled with Acachalla's friends (That he saved), and some mousetraps.
  • Billy's Bedroom - A very messy room with not much furniture where Billy keeps his Melon friend
  • Garage - The Garage has Sally's tricycle and Billy's bike, where the dead Freddio lies, and the whole garage is mainly haunted by Maxwell Acachalla.
  • Living Room - The Living Room is where people mainly are, other than outside.  Papa Acachalla always wants to watch the game but is always interrupted.
  • Papa's Secret Living Room - Papa goes into his secret living room so he can watch the game in peace. It comes with a TV, Couch, Mini Fridge, a Computer desk, and an entrance to the basement. It is also haunted by Maxwell Acachalla
  • Billy's Hiding Spot - Billy's Hiding Spot is an area over the stairs, where no one can find him. He has to stack boxes on top of each other and jump off of them to get there.
  • Bathroom - Where the family "do their business". Billy occasionally takes a bath in there and forgets his clothes.
  • Attic - where Papa and Gertrude sleep and a has bunker where Sally was almost murdered by Jimmy Casket. Also, has a place for Sally to play peek-a-boo.
  • Bathroom- Located at the entrance inside. It is useful for Toilet Toucher to teleport to.
  • Garden- a greenhouse. Papa grows nuclear bombs inside.[1]
  • Basement- Where Jeremy lives.
  • Basement 2- Where Spencer lived.
  • Basement 3- A space under the house, it is an entrance to the underworld. Spencer lives here and can only come out when summoned


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