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A Skyrim Legacy is a sequel series to a Skyrim Tale created by Javott on deviantART. It features Poet, Sofie, and Areum as the main characters. It features the characters four years older, Poet being 18, Areum being 21, and Sofie being 16. 


  • The Character of Sofie; a look at Sofie's life at 16. 
  • Teenage Poet; a look at Poet's life at 18.
  • The Sisters; Ma'isha and Sofie discuss each other. 
  • Poet and Areum; Areum helps Poet up when she falls and says, "Watch yourself, tinker."
  • The Flowers Are a Nice Touch; Sofie puts a flower in Poet's hair, saying that Areum will like it. 
  • Sofie and Areum; Sofie tells Areum that he's bad at hiding his crush on Poet.
  • Shut Up, Sofie; Sofie tries to get Poet to make a new Daxius, and teases her about Areum. 
  • Getting There; Serana asks Sofie if they've held hands yet, and Sofie replies they are getting there. 
  • I'll Be Home Soon; Vahl thinks of all the people back home while training with Miraak.
  • Treat Her Like a Lady; Areum treats Poet very nicely. 
  • I May Have Miscalculated; Poet's newest invention goes wrong and explodes. 
  • Ma'isha's Warrior Garb; Ma'isha wears her warrior outfit. 
  • No Thanks; Ma'isha tries to get the adventuring Sofie into a dress. 
  • I Lost Her; Sofie is kidnapped by the Afflicted, and Poet tells Areum. 
  • Don't Take To Long, Ok?; Sofie is saddened by being away from the group.
  • That Was Very Foolish; Ma'isha, Areum, and several others go to rescue Sofie, Ma'isha in the lead. 


  • This series features the majority of Poet and Areum's relationship. 
  • This series also features the more tomboy side of Sofie. 
  • Vahl and Miraak are absent from A Skyrim Legacy, due to the fact that they are in the ancient country of Atmora, where Vahl is learning the ways of the Dragon Sage under the tutelage of Miraak